So, you’ve made the decision that it’s time to sell your boat. The reasons to sell can often vary; it’s time to move up to something bigger or, maybe owning a boat just doesn’t fit your lifestyle anymore. Regardless of why you’ve decided to sell, it’s imperative that you choose the right partner to assist in getting the boat sold in the most professional and efficient manner.

Well, what kind of website would this be if we didn’t say that we believe we’re the right partner? But we’re not just saying it, we mean it. And here’s why!

Reputation – With just about three decades of boat sales experience, in great markets as well as those that were a big challenge, we have successfully worked with customers to find the boat to fit their dreams. And we’re proud to say that many of them are now on their 4th or 5th boat (they’re obviously the moving up type)! We’re very grateful for the trust and confirmation of a job well done that these customers have shared with us.

Knowledge – We’ll assist in determining a fair asking price for the vessel. We know that the boat’s selling price will align with the market value and ultimately is determined by what customers are willing to pay. The resources at hand will allow us to conduct market research for a comparative analysis of similar boats to yours, which are currently listed for sale, as well as those that have recently sold. If the goal is to sell the boat, let us provide the advice to make sure the boat sells quickly, so that you can avoid the ongoing fees for storage, insurance and maintenance.

Consultation – We’ll meet with you on board to find out about the history of the boat; from how you’ve used it, to the maintenance routine, to recent repairs and equipment upgrades. Our goal is to know the boat to be ready to answer any questions potential buyers have for us. We’ll go through the boat to get an accurate and complete equipment list, and to identify possible problems that could hinder an easy deal. We’ll provide advice on the best way to prepare the boat for sale and to show it at its best, or as one of our owners calls it “make it company ready”.

Exposure – You can count on a wide spread marketing effort to get the word out about your boat. Great Blue Yachts has multiple office locations where we’ll represent your vessel. By establishing a presence in different areas we extend our regional reach to get your listing in front of a larger audience. By exhibiting at several of this country’s most well attended boat shows (i.e. Annapolis – spring and fall) we can share our boat listings with an even greater number of potential buyers. Plus, you’ll regularly find our ads and classified listings in the regional boating publications like Spin Sheet and Prop Talk.

Comprehensive – A detailed description of the boat, its design and included equipment will be created to provide all the needed information to potential buyers who are looking for exactly what your boat has to offer. An extensive array of photographs will also be posted to attract phone calls, boat visits and buyers. Statistics prove that customers are more likely to inquire about listings that have multiple, current photos, that show everything about the boat. We’ll also work to add descriptive keywords, and regularly refresh the online listing, to make sure that it has optimal performance during web searches. We always work to create the best marketing strategy to promote a boat to the appropriate target audience, whether it be by using electronic or social media, participating in trade shows or simply by calling existing customers to let them know we have something new that they might like.

Professional – We are a Certified Professional Yacht Brokerage (CPYB). Not everyone is. This certification means that we’ve earned this designation and are recognized for our commitment to uphold the professional standards of the CPYB program. It’s a benchmark for how we conduct business, measuring our performance and skill. It also means that we have the knowledge and resources to legally and expertly handle all the necessary documents to complete the sale, title transfer and registration of the boat, plus have all of the financial safeguards in place to protect our customers’ funds.

We want to be your partner. So, challenge us!

1. Take a look at our listings to see if they’re presented in a way that describes, and shows, the boat in the best possible way and in a way that you want to be represented.

2. Leaf through one of the regional magazines to see how we advertise for our customers.

3. Reach out to introduce yourselves by calling or sending a note. Do we respond in a timely, professional manner? Did we answer all of your questions knowledgably and honestly? We feel sure that you’ll find that we do!

Now let’s get to work to sell your boat! Call 800-604-3242 or send a note to so we can get started.