Buyer’s Broker

Let us work to find you the boat you’ve always dreamed of!

Browse our list of regional in-house listings (view our listings) and contact us to set up an appointment to get on board for a walk through. While the list is kept up to date, we also have some upcoming listings that are still undergoing an edit before posting, so give us a call to find out the details for some of the newest “about to come on the market” offerings.

Or, you can use the Search the web to find additional options via our large dealer network, through national and international listings that are posted on the web.

We’ll be your agent to filter the selection for quality and how well the boats are equipped, and will stream line the process to set up appointments to go see the vessels at your convenience.

You can rest assured that your Great Blue broker will be there to look out for your interest throughout the search for the boat, negotiation process, survey and the closing of the sale.

With our extensive experience, knowledge and marine industry resources we are uniquely set up to service all your boating needs; from financing, to insuring, to mooring, and even learning how to operate your new boat.

We’ll be with you every step of the way!