Blue Heron Delivery

Committed to our motto that we are with you every step of the way, we will be with you at delivery and well into the future. We take pride in our work and our work is your enjoyment.

To ensure you a smooth transition with your new boat we offer every new boat buyer our Blue Heron Delivery – an extensive, hands on training program for you and all your shipmates. Whether a seasoned sailor or just beginning your sailing adventures, our Blue Heron Delivery will provide you, at your pace, a complete introduction to your boat, all the systems, electronics, docking and maneuvering.

We will provide you with a checklist to make sure we’ve covered everything! As always, we encourage the entire family to participate. Enjoy our marina, as we make sure both you and your new boat are ready to cast off.

Take advantage of our follow up service where we travel to your marina for quick refreshers and continued training. For extended training and sailing certification we offer a full sailing school. Be taught on your own boat, using your systems.

You’ll soon realize that our service and commitment to customer satisfaction doesn’t stop at the settlement table!